Tennis Ledger was started back in 2009 to fill the void left by many publications affected by the dwindling economy. In 2010, the site took a hiatus as it was re-branded into 10sBalls.com, which has become heavily successful on the web.

Publisher Joe McDonald amicably left 10sBalls.com in August 2010 to restart Tennis Ledger and bring full coverage of the sport throughout the year.

Please feel free to leave some feedback and you can reach us at joe@tennisledger.com.

Tennis Ledger’s Staff

Publisher: Joe McDonald
Managing Editor: Melissa F. Handman
Photography Editor: David Saffran
Contributing Editors: Dave “The Koz” Kozlowski, Lloyd Carroll, Bob Trainor, Richard Kent
Photographers:  Rich O’Neill, Tomasso DeRosa, Michael O’Kane, Andy Cheung, Andy Kentla, Rich Bugalski

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