Playing Tennis at Night: What You’ll Need

If you’re an avid tennis player but no longer have the time to play during the day due to your busy workload, hectic school schedule, overwhelming home life, or another reason, you shouldn’t have to give up your favorite sport.  Playing tennis at night is certainly a possibility, though you’ll need to prepare differently than you would for day games.  After all, you’re not playing at the U.S. Open here, so just because they can make it look like daylight when it’s nighttime doesn’t mean you’ll be able to replicate the same success.   Still, with some creativity and a little bit of perseverance, you should be able to get the job done.

Lighting is clearly the main difference between day and night games, and the effect a lack of light can have on your vision is tremendous.  Many courts are either poorly lit, making nighttime play difficult, or not lit up at all, which makes playing next to impossible.  If you want to add light to the court to make it easier to play, try bringing along portable LED lights.  Unlike more conventional lights, LED lights are spectacularly bright even when they’re small in size.  They’re also incredibly efficient, meaning they’ll last a long time.  These lights alone won’t be enough to make up the difference, however, so make sure you help your vision out as best as possible.  Wear clothes that reflect light well.  White clothes, in particular, are good at reflecting light, so pull up some high white socks and rock a white tee if you plan on playing in the dark.  Also wear your glasses is you have them but don’t typically wear them while playing, as you’ll want your vision at its sharpest in the dark.

You’ll also want to bring extra tennis balls when playing in the dark.  Tracking down lost balls can be tricky enough in bright sunlight, so the problem only multiplies after the sun’s down.  Keeping extra balls will prevent  you from having to scour around for a lost ball every time it goes flying off somewhere, and will help make your night games more enjoyable overall.

There are plenty of benefits to night games as well, including cooler temperatures (and therefore less sweat), an added thrill element, and more.  So as long as you’re prepared for night games, you’re sure to have a good time playing tennis any time of day.

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