Gilles Simon Wins Metz

Open de Moselle

ATP WORLD TOUR 250 €398,250 (€450,000 Total Financial Commitment)
Metz, France (+2 hours GMT)
20-26 September, 2010 Surface: Indoor Hard


Singles – Final
[8] G Simon (FRA) d [Q] M Zverev (GER) 63 62

Doubles – Final
D Brown (JAM) / R Wassen (NED) d [2] M Melo (BRA) / B Soares (BRA) 63 63

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Simon: “I am extremely happy about this seventh title. I was not supposed to come here initially; my son was due to be born this week so logically I hadn’t entered any tournaments. Because I had been playing well, also in the Davis Cup preparation, I really wanted to try to compete and really wanted to come to Metz; I knew I could do something good.

“My son was born on 2nd September, so I haven’t spent much time with him yet. As I decided to play this week I also decided to bring the family with me to Metz. I was in the unknown, I didn’t know how it was going to be, if he would keep me up at night, and in the end, the result is perfect. Everything went very well and I am delighted to get to share this title with my family today.

“It hasn’t been an easy year because of the injury and I am really happy about this victory. During my time off, I strengthened my upper body to try to improve my serve, to serve stronger and for longer and this week. My serve is what kept me in the matches even if I wasn’t playing so well.”

Zverev: “I was really excited to be in my first final, but he played really well. Not only solid from the baseline as he is usually, but also aggressive as well, he served unbelievably. I couldn’t do much today. I love France and French tournaments, I feel great here and for sure I will come back.”

Brown: “I am so happy; this is my first ATP-level title. It feels great. I am happy I was able to convince Roger to come as we were the first alternate team. He was home three hours away, wanting to take some time off, and I managed to convince him. We recently won two Challengers so we had confidence and I must say we played good all week.”

Wassen: “Being the first alternate team I really didn’t want to come to Metz. I was home, planning on taking the week off, but I am so happy I ended up coming. Dustin and I have opposite personalities, opposite games and I think we complement each other very well on the court. It’s a pleasure to play with him and I look forward to continuing to play with him.”

Oudin May Need Some Time Off

Remember Melanie Oudin? America’s sweetheart, who charmed Flushing Meadows with her Russian killer attitude?

Well since Flushing, it’s been a struggle and she hasn’t won only one match since New York’s tiffany event.

Too many TV appearances, exhibitions and now a Met-like collapse in the first round of the Australian Open, where she dropped four match points in the second set to Alla Kudryavtseva, eventually losing, 6-2 5-7 5-7.

“I was down on myself,” she said. “I should have been done and getting a shower.”

How true and now that Oudin will have at least two weeks on her hands, she should re-evaluate where her career is going and maybe learn a new word in the ever agreeable 18 year-old’s vocabulary.


Oudin needs to stop trying to make others happy and maybe take care of No. 1. There’s no shame in turning down the occasional television appearance or exhibition (She played in six since Flushing). She gets on TV or goes to an event because of her success in September. If she keeps going out in the first or second round, the invites will dry up and television will cancel her faster than NBC canned the “Jay Leno Show.”

But under her wholesome appearance, there’s a smart girl in there, who already knows that she made a mistake.

“I was exhausted,” she said.

It’s now time for the Georgian to take a step back and maybe skip a couple of tournaments in order to concentrate on improving her game. For all her hype, Oudin’s serve isn’t that great and she relies upon her speed a little too much.

Too much work has slowed her down.

And that makes for a very poor post-US Open record. Yet, remember she’s only 18 and has plenty of time to get stronger and prove that a week in September was not a flash in the pan.

“I only did well in one tournament, and I’m still learning” she said. “Everyone expects me to play like that all the time and I’m trying to get better.”

With some time off, she probably will.